Carmela became engrossed with the world of art and calligraphy as a young girl when she sat alongside her mother and nonna ("grandmother" in Italian), carefully learning to write each letter of the alphabet.  She continued to pursue her love of the arts and literature by taking the opportunity to study in Italy in both secondary school and university.  The lessons she learned during those formative years helped her to become the person she is today, the experiences contributing to the development and shaping of her passion for hand-lettering and calligraphy.  Carmela finds beauty in and draws inspiration from sculptures, architectural structures, nature, and the works of great artists and writers.

The Italian culture, landscape, and rich history have always inspired Carmela.  Thus, it was only natural that she chose the name, Corsivo {cor-see-voh}, which means script or cursive, from a language that she speaks and loves.

She is fortunate not only to be influenced by the European culture, but also by the beauty that surrounds her daily in Niagara's Wine Country.  Apart from her years spent studying in Italy, she lived in scenic Niagara Falls, Ontario and now calls Grimsby, a little town nestled between the lake and vineyards, home.  Travelling, photography, reading, visiting beautiful libraries, collecting vintage goods, making jewelry, writing, cooking meals made from wholesome ingredients grown in Niagara, and spending time with her family and friends are just some of the things that Carmela treasures and values in her life.

She finds immense pleasure in designing and creating organic, unique, deeply meaningful pieces that are a reflection of her client's style. 


Life's journey is made up of so many moments - each one contributing to the individuals into whom we grow and evolve.  We have the ability to choose how we wish to commemorate the different times in our lives.  Investing in a way to share and relive these moments with generations and for years to come is something that will always be valued, and never regretted. 

Carmela has always believed in the power of the written word and the timelessness of a handwritten piece. Whenever she reads old letters, she feels a connection to the person who took the time to write the words that flow over the pages.  They take her back to particular times in her life and she is able to relive the feelings of those moments.

Handwritten pieces are a tangible investment that can be appreciated beyond one's special event.  Carmela's dream is to have the honour to contribute to the feelings associated with reading beautiful words that are formed with care.  Being able to capture a sentiment and evoke emotion through the strokes of each letter, while conveying unique messages, such as those of love, is what she aspires to do in her work.